Case studies: Special educational needs

Kane is defiant and verbally aggressive towards adults

Module 7

Sharpening your skills

To motivate and manage pupils who are displaying challenging behaviours you could

  • Re-read Kane’s Statement of SEND and IBP to be aware of his academic and personal needs
  • Met with the School SENDCo to discuss key issues or any change in home circumstances
  • Check that recommended strategies are built into your classroom practices

Take opportunities to boost self-esteem

  • Praise his work in the science practical experiments etc
  • Give him an important task to do in class
  • Acknowledge the smallest sign of a positive social behaviour and give praise/reward

Keep communication simple

  • Keep instructions short, sharp and clear
  • Point to classroom rules and posters displayed on the wall
  • Comment on key behaviour targets on his Report Card
  • Do not get into a debate or lengthy discussions
  • Have low key chats, rather than giving public warnings and reprimands
  • Give lots of praise and positive feedback both verbal and non-verbal

Build in success. Plan tasks that

  • Are within his capabilities, quick to complete, success orientated
  • Are differentiated so that Kane’s educational needs are being met
  • Offer small, step by step development tasks
  • Promote a feel good factor and boost his confidence

Plan for wanted behaviour

  • Maintain the normal classroom rules for Kane
  • Involve the T.A. in your planning. Use her experience
  • Count to 10 (internally), praise others and walk away to calmly open the door to defuse the situation
  • Apply the School Sanctions immediately for swearing, aggressive and challenging