Case studies: Special educational needs

Kane is defiant and verbally aggressive towards adults

Module 7

Classroom management

In the first instance, you need to deal with Kane’s primary behaviour concern using the following Wave 3: Specific 1 to 1: Zero Tolerance strategies

  • Use the Strap Line strategy eg. “Care, courtesy and consideration of others is important.” Repeat
  • Use the language of choice strategy eg
    “Kane I need you to sit down. Then I will help you to do your work. Shall we both sit down?”

If Kane continues to argue

  • Move away a short distance and use the Broken Record technique in a calm and purposeful manner
  • “I am not going to argue with you”
  • “We can talk later when you are calm and settled”
  • Model the behaviour you want to see

If Kane’s behaviour doesn’t improve and he becomes more verbally aggressive or challenging

  • Use your Quick Fire consequences strategy designed to effect Kane’s quick exit from the classroom
  • Add name to the School Sanctions section of the B.R.Board for verbally aggressive comments
  • Give Kane the option to recover his behaviour within the class
  • “Kane I need you to stand up and go and sit in the Quiet Zone”
  • “Kane I am not going to make you sit in the Quiet Zone, but it is the best choice you can make”
  • “You can do this. You can make the right choice.” Repeat. If Kane does not comply

Use a simple Time Out card strategy to defuse the situation. eg

  • “Kane you can choose to take a Time Out card and go to a safe place to cool off”

Give Kane a 5 or 10 minute Time Out card. Place it on his desk and walk away

  • Choosing to use the Time Out Card option would be a positive step by Kane
  • The Time Out card is Kane’s opportunity to go to a pre-determined safe place
  • This is where Kane will be supervised by a Senior Teacher, Year Head or a named person
  • Negotiate his safe return to class. An apology to the T.A. should be encouraged. Praise accordingly

If he refuses to use the Time Out card, be explicit

  • “Kane in 1 minute I will send for A.N. Other. Make the right choice. Thank you”
  • Ask the T.A. to fetch a named tutor or Senior Teacher. Praise accordingly, if he moves
  • Before the next lesson, interview Kane with the Year Head or Senior Teacher to repair the relationship