Case studies: Special educational needs

Kane is defiant and verbally aggressive towards adults

Module 7

The aims of this unit are:

  1. To give you a wider understanding of the specific behaviour strategies to use when pupils use challenging behaviours in class.
  2. To help you demonstrate effective management of pupil behaviour which will influence and change attitudes over time.
  3. To help you provide pupils with opportunities to reflect up on the cause and effect of their behaviour.

Kane is 13 years old. Although he has some endearing qualities, Kane’s Statement of Special Educational Needs indicates that there are social, emotional and behaviour difficulties and he is performing in English and Maths at a level equivalent to an average 7 year old.

However, Kane grasps scientific concepts quite quickly in practical situations. A full time classroom assistant has been appointed to work with him and although Kane responded positively to start with, recently, his attitude and behaviour have deteriorated.

On this occasion, Kane has been rude to his Teaching Assistant and when spoken to by the teacher, Kane faced up to him and became verbally aggressive and defiant.