Case studies: Special educational needs

Kyle is disruptive and physically aggressive

Module 7

Sharpening your skills

To defuse situations like this, your priorities should be

Protecting the Health and Safety of all your students, including Kyle

  • If Kyle is really aggressive you may need to move the class to safety
  • Do not over react. Give Kyle space but observe very closely
  • Know the School Policy for managing unpredictable student behaviour
  • Re-read Kyle’s Individual Behaviour Plan
  • Apply any key advice from the IBP and then develop management strategies from this
  • Liaise with the Form Tutor and SENDCo

Agreeing a ‘next time’ strategy with a Senior Teacher or classroom assistant

  • Give Kyle a seat by the door next lesson
  • Explain how the Time Out card, used appropriately, will incur no consequences

Recognising the importance of recovering the behaviour and attitude

  • Promote Timed Consequences, as and when appropriate
  • Send positive comments home to parents, when Kyle makes the right decisions

Being consistent and applying your de-escalation strategies

  • Avoid making threats but offer an avenue for Kyle to recover behaviour
  • Offer Time Out or a cooling off period away from the classroom environment
  • Discuss the possibility of Kyle having social skills training in small groups
  • Offer Kyle the opportunity to talk and explain his feelings
  • Show a willingness to listen and be non-judgemental
  • Check your body language, relax and smile
  • Be prepared to repair the relationship, once things have calmed down and offer a fresh start with no grudges
  • Discuss an appropriate and agreed consequence or sanction for the next incident. eg
  • Apply a Timed Consequence equal to the time in minutes wasted under the table
  • Where possible discuss the incident with a colleague to manage the stress that challenging behaviour can generate and to share effective strategies for dealing with future similar incidents

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