Case studies: Special educational needs

Kyle is disruptive and physically aggressive

Module 7

Classroom management

The prime concern must be the health and safety of all pupils by reducing the potential for further physical aggression

  • Add Kyle’s name to the Increasing Concerns section of the Behaviour Recovery Board

Keep your body language ‘open’ and relaxed stay calm and lower the tone of your voice

  • Give Kyle the opportunity to recover his behaviour and attitude
  • Move away any close chairs or potentially dangerous, sharp equipment

Use specific instructions to the group working with Kyle

  • “Stay calm, ignore Kyle and continue with your work.”
  • “Stay calm, I need you to stand quietly and move to work at a different desk. Thank you.”

If Kyle is quiet, leave him and observe while you maintain teaching

  • If that isn’t possible state the classroom expectation eg
    “Kyle I want you to calm down, then we can talk.”
    “Kyle you will need to go to the Quiet Zone, when you are calm.”
  • Use the Strap Line strategy at intervals eg
    “It’s OK to feel angry but you need to be safe.” “Everyone needs to feel safe.”

Use the Broken Record technique and limit the conversation to instructions only

  • “Go and sit in the Quiet Zone.”
  • Alternatively, give Kyle a 5 minute Time Out Card
  • View this card as a safe choice option, eg. an escape route to a place of safety
  • “I need you to use the Time Out card within 5 minutes.”
  • “You can make the right choice.”
  • Remind Kyle that he must walk, with an adult, to an agreed safe place eg. to Year Head, Form Tutor etc

Explain that his Form Tutor or named Senior Teacher will be sent for

  • Send a responsible student or Teaching Assistant for Form Tutor or other named adult
  • Your senior colleague will take control of the situation. Allow them to resolve the issue
  • Initiate Senior Teacher + Pupil Interview. Observe strategies used to return Kyle to normal
  • Where appropriate, apply a break time or dinner time detention to complete Maths. tasks

Make strategic plans for next lesson where possible including Kyle in this and let him know your expectation