Case studies: Special educational needs

Kyle is disruptive and physically aggressive

Module 7

The aims of this unit are:

  1. To confirm the key strategies to employ when a pupil loses their self-control in class.
  2. To highlight the Health and Safety issues that need to be addressed when a child becomes aggressive in the classroom.
  3. To reassure trainee and newly qualified teachers that it is OK to send for assistance in similar situations.

The SENDCo has worked with external agencies to produce an Individual Behaviour Plan for Kyle but staff are becoming increasingly concerned about Health and Safety issues and he has recently been given a Time Out card to use in lessons.

Today, Kyle erupts in the class for no apparent reason. One minute he is contributing to group discussion and doing his Maths. The next, Kyle starts to wander around the classroom, ignoring teacher requests to return to his desk.

When prompted again, Kyle reluctantly moves towards his table, scribbles all over his work and then scatters the equipment. He pushes his chair back aggressively and hits one of the boys on the back. Kyle then disappears under the table and starts kicking the furniture.