Case studies: Special educational needs

Ashley has a tantrum & leaves  class without permission

Module 7

Sharpening your skills

When a pupil storms out of class it is important that you

  • Recognise that incidents like this happen quite regularly with some, but not all, SEND pupils
  • Know the school policy regarding pupils leaving the classroom without permission
  • Do not take this issue personally.These issues happen with experienced teachers as well
  • Do not ignore the issue, but be seen to be pro-active
  • Remain firm but fair and continue praising the positive behaviours in the class being a good role model in extreme situations will pay dividends with all pupils
  • Do not chase the child around school. Give time for dust to settle
  • Send a reliable pupil for a named adult
  • Use your Teaching Assistant to monitor the situation outside of the classroom
  • Agree a strategy with the T.A. to make sure that Ashley is safe and, you know where he is within school
  • After a couple of minutes the T.A. can start the initial discussions with Ashley
  • Re-read Ashley’s Individual Behaviour Plan. Discuss with your Team Leader or SENDCo
  • Agree a strategy with them for next lesson
  • Agree with Ashley’s Form Tutor or SENDCo, a ‘safe place’ for him to go, if he is unable to stay in the classroom
  • Inform Ashley of the Time Out strategy and how it will work. eg
  • Ashley would go to his Form Tutor or SENDCo to be supervised at all times
  • Build into your PSHE lessons some guidelines for what upset or angry children can do to stay safe at all times
  • Remember the importance of a developing the Quiet Zone or Quiet Chair for times like this
  • Refrain from making a judgement until the full issue has been explained and resolved
  • Discuss and apply the agreed School Sanction for this situation
  • Keep parents/guardians informed at all times. SENDCo needs to be kept in the chain

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