Case studies: Special educational needs

Ashley has a tantrum & leaves  class without permission

Module 7

Classroom management

These Wave 3: Specific 1 to 1: Zero Tolerance strategies enable you to act with purpose and remain in control

Stay calm, settling your class while walking to the door to observe Ashley and his direction of departure

  • Add Ashley’s name to the Increasing Concerns section of the Behaviour Recovery Board, as he leaves the classroom
  • Add the time he left the room. All time spent out of room will be made good, once the issue has been resolved
  • State the expectation and the class rule. Quote to the class calmly, eg “Please remember, we do not leave the classroom without permission” “If we are angry or upset we can ask to sit on the Quiet Chair” or
    “You can ask for a 5 minute Time Out to calm down. This is the right choice to make”
  • Quote the Strap Line, “Remember that concerns will lead to consequences”
  • Allow Ashley 2 minutes to return to the classroom door. If he doesn’t, send a reliable pupil for a named adult

If Ashley returns, give him the opportunity to make things better

  • He will need to be calm and settled before he can explain his actions to a responsible adult/teacher
  • An apology would be a big bonus, but not a pre-requisite
  • Make certain pre-conditions clear eg. Work to be completed; attitude to return to positive and he can show to others he has recovered his behaviour
  • Apply a Timed Consequence equal to the time that the was out of class
  • Sit Ashley on the Quiet Chair, in isolation, away from others, to catch up on all work in time available

If he does not return to class

  • Alert the Form Tutor or Team Leader, with whom Ashley can stay until the end of lesson
  • Senior Teacher will deal with and encourage Ashley to explain his behaviour, when calm
  • Seek an apology from Ashley in order to repair the relationship
  • At end of the lesson, or break time, interview nearest pupils to find out what happened with Ashley
  • When appropriate, discuss the issue, step by step, with Ashley, asking a member of staff to be present
  • Find out the actual reason for the temper tantrum
  • Give Ashley a new seat for next lesson, as part consequence for his actions

Monitor Ashley’s behaviour

  • If Ashley recovers his behaviour over the next week or so, he can return to his original seat, with his friends
  • Make contact with parents/guardian to arrange an interview
  • Liaise with Team Leader/SENDCo about the next course of action for storming out of class