Case studies: Special educational needs

Liam refuses to take part in PE

Module 7

Sharpening your skills

These steps can help to avoid a similar situation

  • Keep a record of pupils who are absent, or not doing PE through illness/injury or no kit etc
  • Maintain the principle that pupils cannot opt out of any lessons
  • Talk with Liam to find out the reason for his refusal to participate/co-operate
  • Offer Liam the option of changing in private, before the lesson begins
  • Give Liam his own PE kit, keeping it in a special place
  • Keep a stock of clean, smart PE kit to hand out to forgetful pupils
  • Consider using a Teaching Assistant, if available, to structure Liam’s PE routines
  • Provide positive Social Skills education in small teaching groups
  • Explain to, and get Liam to quote, the simple rules and routines when needing to change for PE
  • Give clear instructions, state expectations and be prepared to make progress in small steps
  • Stay focused on the rest of the group and get them changed and on task
  • Maintain links with parents using a Home/School liaison diary or weekly planner
  • Inform another appropriate adult that Liam is refusing to comply to a reasonable request
  • Allow them to resolve the issue so that you can continue teaching the class
  • Keep the Form Tutor, Team Leader and SENDCo informed about the refusal to co- operate
  • Review your threshold for applying a School Sanction if Liam does not respond to repeated actions taken