Case studies: Special educational needs

Liam refuses to take part in PE

Module 7

Classroom management

The following skills and strategies will allow you to be creative and flexible in resolving this issue

Praise Liam for his positive contribution in previous lesson/s

  • Check that Liam’s PE clothing and/or equipment is in school
  • Offer to supply a clean set of kit and trainers
  • State the expectation eg. “Liam, everyone has to do all lessons. There is no choice.”
  • Repeat the expectation “Every one has to change for PE.” Repeat as necessary

Give Liam the option of changing in private when the changing room is empty

  • Use adult support to encourage Liam and monitor progress
  • Selectively ignore the sulking attitudes and monitor the length of the delay tactics
  • Overall, do not ‘push him into a corner’

Keep an encouraging dialogue going to identify the issue of concern

  • Query whether his friendship groups are a concern. Change them if necessary

Detach from the issue and quote

  • “The choice is yours. Either change and do PE or you are choosing a consequence in your own time”
  • Use and set a time limit and state your expectation eg
    “I think it will take 3 minutes to get changed. You can do the right thing and join the class for PE”

Move Away and observe reaction

  • If still refusing, give Final Warning and apply a 5 minute Timed Consequence
  • Send for additional adult support if still non-compliant after 5 minutes

Liam cannot be left unsupervised and the class is waiting to start the lesson

  • Increase Timed Consequences in multiples of 5 minutes to 15 minutes maximum
  • Apply Time with Teacher and all time wasted to be made up in Liam’s free time
  • Explain your expectations for next lesson

Review your rewards/consequences strategy ready for next lesson