Case studies: Special educational needs

Liam refuses to take part in PE

Module 7

The aims of this unit are:

  1. To help you deal with the issues of refusal, quietly and efficiently.
  2. To give you a range of behaviour management strategies that will, over time, help Liam to develop a positive attitude towards PE.

Liam is a Year 5 boy who has an Individual Education Plan for social and communication difficulties. He finds it hard to adjust to changes in routine and a variety of teaching environments. He is reluctant to join in whole class
activities, has few friends and tends to isolate himself.

To-day is the second time in the new half term, that he has opted out of changing in to his PE kit. When spoken to, he gets really agitated and sits on the floor, hiding by the side of the storage cupboard. He has now dug a deep hole for himself and does not know how to retrieve the situation.