Case studies: Special educational needs

Prince opts out of activities and refuses to communicate

Module 7

Classroom management

The following Wave 3: Specific 1 to 1: Zero Tolerance strategies, need to be used selectively over time you will find what works with Prince

Be prepared to sit with Prince and start the work for him during the early part of lesson

  • “I will be back in 5 minutes to see how things are going”
  • Use nonverbal communication signs to encourage and focus on completion of small chunks of work
  • Offer peer support or working with a partner
  • Set up a minimum work contract needed by the end of the lesson

State your expectation

  • “All we need are 5 short sentences. You can do this.”
  • Move In and outline your expectation eg
    “Prince, you need to complete the agreed amount of work”
  • Remain encouraging but keep re-enforcing your expectation
  • Give advanced warning eg
    “Prince you need to finish this work or you are choosing to complete the task during your free time”
  • Remember that your expectations need to be differentiated and appropriate for SEND pupils

If Prince fails to respond

  • Use the Behaviour Recovery Board but apply consequences with discretion
  • Consider whether the task was unrealistic for his ability
  • Keep all communications channels open using adult support, if necessary

If Prince becomes verbally aggressive

  • Add name to Increasing Concerns section of BRBoard
  • Quote the school rule, “The rule is we do not argue back to adults.”
  • Apply Timed Consequences, up to 3 x 5 minutes. Verbalise your concern
  • Stay calm and Move Away
  • If Prince starts to recover his behaviour
  • Erase any Timed Consequences on the B.R.Board in intervals of 5 minutes, as part of your reward system
  • However, if the behaviour continues
  • Apply a Short Term Detention as a consequence in free time to complete the classroom task
  • Consider working alongside Prince to help him complete the task during this time
  • Be mindful of the desirability of another adult being present

he does not comply

  • Apply a School Sanction for refusing to work.