Case studies: Special educational needs

Prince opts out of activities and refuses to communicate

Module 7

The aims of this unit are:

  1. To identify a series of strategies that will motivate Prince to work.
  2. To look at ways of differentiating classwork to enable SEND pupils to access each lesson.
  3. To underline the need for flexibility, within the rewards and consequences systems, so that learning difficulties are not compounded.

Prince is in Year 8 and has moderate learning difficulties. He finds all reading and related literacy tasks very difficult to complete. Around school, Prince is a lively boy and has plenty of friends. However, within the classroom he appears to have a low self-esteem and is easily frustrated.

Although he is capable of arguing back, when the teacher gives him reminders about task completion, Prince generally opts out and refuses to communicate. On this occasion, Prince has enjoyed the practical aspects of science but he has found the written task challenging. He rapidly goes ‘into his shell’ and will not complete his work.