Case studies: Medium level behaviours

Dwayne makes the right decision to stop the bullying

Module 6

Sharpening your skills

To work towards a bullying-free classroom you will need to

  • Obtain the School’s Anti-Bullying policy and find out if your school participates in any specific anti-bullying programmes
  • Read these thoroughly. Know your responsibilities as a newly qualified or trainee teacher
  • Discuss all aspects of potential school related bullying incidents with a senior colleague
  • Act on even the slightest concern that you have
  • Use form time or group tutorials to discuss the characteristics of bullying and make clear that bullying is unacceptable
  • Encourage all pupils to inform a responsible adult about bullying issues
  • Make sure you show support to the victim should bullying occur
  • Show good listening skills and analyse the facts very carefully
  • Re-assure the victim that he has done the right thing in telling an adult immediately
  • In consultation with senior colleagues, let all sets of parents know about your concerns
  • Record details and pass on to a Senior Teacher
  • Ask Senior Managers to highlight the principles of the Anti-bullying policy in a whole school assembly
  • If bullying issues persist, seek advice on school-coordinated response