Case studies: Medium level behaviours

Dwayne makes the right decision to stop the bullying

Module 6

Classroom management

Re-assure Dwayne that you are taking his claim seriously and you will follow it up by

Being prepared to give up a couple of dinner times to resolve this issue and set out a course of action

  • Discussing what you have been told with the Form Tutor or seeking advice from your Team Leader
  • Arranging to be part of the interview process, if the senior colleague takes a lead role
  • Making arrangements to keep all pupils isolated from each other in the early stages, even during break and dinner times
  • Researching the case history of each pupil involved, including Dwayne
  • Speaking to each pupil in turn, gathering factual information
  • Using an adult/Teacher Assistant support, if possible, during the interview
  • Adhering to school policy at all times
  • Listening very carefully to the whole incident, making notes
  • Identifying how many times the victim feels that the ‘bullying’ incidents have taken place
  • Allowing the victim to explain his feelings
  • Finding out if there are any other witnesses. These will need to be interviewed as well
  • Quoting facts, times and issues of concern to the alleged bullies. Be aware of ‘smoke screens’ and keep to facts

De-personalising and quoting rights and responsibilities statements, eg

  • “Everyone has a right to feel safe and secure in school.” Use and repeat if necessary
  • Explaining how the victim is feeling to the named pupils
  • Explaining it is now time to make things better
  • Asking the ‘bullies’ what the next step is likely to be. What are they going to do?
  • Reading back their interview notes to check that the facts are correct

Setting up a monitoring system for the victim

  • Assessing the situation daily, in the early stages, and being a mentor, perhaps. Using a non-verbal ‘thumbs up’ each day

Giving bullying a high profile

  • Letting the ‘bullies’ know that you are checking on the welfare of the victim

Affirming that all parents will be contacted and notes will be retained in case of further incidents