Case studies: Medium level behaviours

Dwayne makes the right decision to stop the bullying

Module 6

The aims of this unit are:

  1. To raise your awareness of the potential effects that possible ‘bullying’ incidents can have on an individual in school.
  2. To give a variety of strategies which you can use to support the victim, whilst resolving the issue.
  3. To highlight the key strategies, where potential bullying is a concern.

After school, Dwayne knocked on the classroom door and asked if he could speak to the teacher. He was visibly upset and tears filled his eyes. He eventually told the teacher about three pupils in his Year 7 Maths class who were teasing him; talking about him behind their hands; staring and laughing at him in lessons.

They have started to push and pull him in the corridors around school. The day before yesterday they had stopped him from playing football at dinnertime. Although they used to be his friends, they are now starting to isolate him.