Case studies: Medium level behaviours

Jade is verbally aggressive and threatening to other pupils

Module 6

Sharpening your skills

To help Jade take more responsibility for her behaviour you may want to consider

  • Arranging a Teacher + Pupil Interview in Jade’s time
  • Initiating this meeting because she will not want to be with you. See it as a consequence. It can be really effective
  • Asking her Form Tutor or Team Leader to attend
  • Encouraging Jade to take responsibility for her inappropriate behaviours

Helping Jade to recognise the ‘trigger points’. Explain what ‘cause and effect’ means

  • Negotiating with colleagues any changes that may reduce trigger points, eg Jade to change from PE and games kit, 5 or 10 minutes early
  • Explaining the importance of pupils needing to feel safe at all times

Giving Jade some strategies to think about: eg

  • If feeling ‘hyper’.. sit down, breathe slowly and deeply 10 times
  • When hyped-up after PE... Walk away from others and keep hands and feet to myself
  • Try to be first to the next lesson

Identifying with Jade which behaviours are a concern in lessons

  • Asking Jade how she thinks she can make things better next lesson

Having your behaviour strategy mapped out for Jade by next lesson

  • Giving Jade a Behaviour Target card
  • Negotiating 1 or 2 key targets on her Behaviour Target Card. eg
    “I will talk politely to others.” “I will use my calming down strategies.”
  • Meeting and Greeting Jade personally and having a quiet, calming word
  • Aiming to catch Jade doing a positive eg. Sitting quietly by the teacher at the start of the lesson
  • Reminding Jade about her agreed behaviour targets
  • Using praise with Jade eg. 3 positives to one negative. Add stickers or positive comments to Behaviour Target card
  • Making sure Jade’s work is on her desk as she arrives, or alternatively, on the Quiet Chair near to the door
  • Reminding and rewarding Jade eg.”In 10 minutes you can move from the Quiet Chair to your friends”
  • Meeting with Form Tutor and parents to get them on board and keeping them informed

Click here to see an example of a Behaviour Target card (8.8)