Case studies: Medium level behaviours

Jade is verbally aggressive and threatening to other pupils

Module 6

Classroom management

You will need to detach and ‘up the ante’ with the following Wave 3 : Specific 1 to 1 : ZeroTolerance strategies

Channel your energies into separating Jade away from others. Keep it low key

  • Quote the classroom or school rule.”Jade the school rule is ‘ We line up quietly in the corridor.’ Thank you.”
  • State clearly your expectations, “Jade, we need to keep hands and feet to ourselves. Line up, Thank you.”
  • Use your Sift and Separate strategy immediately
  • Move In and Move Jade Away to the Quiet Chair, and state
  • “You can sit by me until you can show me you are ready to join the class!”
  • Stay close to Jade until she is compliant
  • Use repetitive and positive rule statements
  • “The rule is ‘No swearing’. Thank you.”

Add name to Increasing Concerns section of the BRBoard

  • “The rule is ‘Students need to feel safe at all times.’ Thank you.”
  • Give Jade an option :”You can either stay with me and work at this desk quietly, or you can take Time Out to think and calm down. Your choice.”
  • If Jade verbally challenges or threatens individuals in class, quote your Strap Line
  • “Jade, care, courtesy and consideration for others is important.”
  • Encourage Jade to take responsibility for her actions
  • “I know there is a problem. I will sort it. Do not over react. Jade you need to sit quietly.”

If she then continues to challenge

  • Use the Broken Record technique: “Concerns will lead to consequences.” Repeat
  • If she moves away from the Quiet Chair or swears out aloud
  • Use the language of choice eg
  • “You need to stop swearing in class. If not, you are choosing a School Sanction.”
  • Add name to the School Sanctions section of the B.R.B. if this behaviour continues

If Jade becomes argumentative with you

  • Send for assistance eg. Form Tutor or Team Leader or your Mentor etc
  • Inform the school’s Learning Support Unit (L.S.U.), or SENDCo, if they are already involved with Jade