Case studies: Medium level behaviours

Jade is verbally aggressive and threatening to other pupils

Module 6

The aims of this unit are:

  1. To use a set of Wave 3 : Specific 1 to 1 strategies, which promote a Zero Tolerance approach to loud and verbally aggressive behaviours.
  2. To negotiate with colleagues a series of ‘small step’ strategies to defuse a behaviour concern.
  3. To have an impact on Jade’s behaviour in subsequent lessons.

Jade frequently comes to lessons ‘hyped’ up. She is always messing around and irritating others. She niggles them, teases, pushes and shoves them. This loud and boisterous behaviour quickly deteriorates into a shouting match with other pupils in the corridor.

When they complain, Jade frequently uses inappropriate, abusive language. Her behaviour has a domino effect on pupils close to her, even before she enters the classroom. When spoken to, it’s always someone else’s fault and she is quick to claim that, “You’re always picking on me!”