Case studies: Medium level behaviours

Mason defies the teacher’s authority

Module 6

Sharpening your skills

To prevent further manipulative behaviours it might be appropriate to

Build a routine in to Mason’s lessons so that he, and other children know what to expect when they arrive to your classroom

  • Consider Mason’s organisational skills and whether he is prepared for work
  • Use lots of individual praise. Recognise even the smallest improvement
  • Limit the amount of distractions eg. apparatus, writing equipment, books etc. to nil on his desk
  • Use your Sift and Separate strategies much earlier in next lesson
  • Consider your seating arrangements eg. sit Mason with a good role model in the classroom
  • Sit Mason at the front of the classroom near to your teacher desk
  • Sit Mason near to the exit door and away from others at the beginning of the lesson as an alternative
  • Remind Mason (and others) about the importance of listening to class instructions
  • Display a ‘Listening’ prompt sheet near to the Behaviour Recovery Board
  • Use non-verbal signals and point to the Listening Prompt whilst talking to the class
  • Use a Behaviour Monitoring sheet to record the frequency of inappropriate behaviour
  • Use your Teaching Assistant to record and monitor issues of concern
  • Consider introducing a Behaviour Target sheet for Mason, but identify the primary behaviour first
  • Consider Mason taking his Behaviour Target sheet to a Senior Tutor say, at the end of a lesson, a day or a week
  • Make Mason more accountable for his behaviour and ask him to explain his actions
  • Observe the Senior Teacher + Mason interview. Adopt any strategies that impress
  • Know the sequence of School Sanctions, listed in the Behaviour and Discipline policy
  • Give an immediate School Sanction for rudeness to adults in the lesson

Click here for an example of a Behaviour Monitoring and Evaluation sheet (8.2)

Click here for an example of a Behaviour Target sheet (8.8)