Case studies: Medium level behaviours

Mason defies the teacher’s authority

Module 6

Classroom management

To establish and maintain your authority you need to apply these Wave 3 : Specific 1 to 1 : Zero Tolerance strategies

  • Selectively ignore the fidgeting, the smirking and the attention seeking behaviour
  • Limit Mason’s opportunity to ‘perform’ to his friends
  • Ask your Teaching Assistant to sit by Mason to help him re-focus. Keep praising small positives
  • Use non-verbal pointing to the classroom rules on display
  • Add name to the Increasing Concerns section of Behaviour Recovery Board
  • Quote the classroom rule. Make your expectation clear. “ We all need to be listening quietly, Mason. Thank you.”
  • Remind Mason that he can make things better by listening. “Positive behaviour can reduce the consequences.”
  • Start using the Quick Fire consequences, if there is any challenge to your authority
  • Use your Wave 3 strategies but apply the consequences quickly and dispassionately
  • Politely ignore, walk away and add name to Timed Consequences section of the BR Board
  • Refuse to get into discussion mode with Mason
  • Detach emotionally. Do not play his game
  • Reinforce the class rule, using positive language
  • “The rule is ‘We are always polite to adults at all times’.” “Get on with your work. Thank you.”
  • Use the Broken Record technique, 2, 3, 4 times, if necessary. Praise others around the class who are ‘on task’
  • Reinforce your expectations. It’s OK to sound like a ‘broken record’. It works!
  • Take time to observe Mason in class and evaluate the quality of his class work
  • Give Final Warning, if he is fractious and continues to be attention seeking
  • Use your Move In and Move Mason Away strategy
  • Use the Broken Record technique if he refuses. Ignore any mimicking, ignore the comments, ignore the delay tactics
  • “I need you to sit in the Quiet Zone.”
  • “Sit in the Quiet Zone and you are making the right choice.”
  • If he is rude and aggressive, or refuses to move
  • Walk away and add name to the School Sanction section of BRBoard
  • Send for assistance. Name your Team Leader or Senior Teacher and send a responsible student for help
  • Apply School Sanction