Case studies: Medium level behaviours

Troy refuses to comply

Module 6

Classroom management

Intervene early and take the initiative with these Wave 3 strategies: Specific 1 to 1: Zero
Tolerance strategies

Add Troy’s name to the Increasing Concerns’ section of the BRBoard immediately he provokes the situation

  • Use your Move In and Sift Out strategy and move Troy to a Quiet Zone to calm down
  • State your expectations clearly. Keep reinforcing the class rules eg. “The class room rule is ‘We do not shout in class.”
  • If he continues, use your Quick Fire consequences. Move Troy through the B.R.B. process quickly
  • Add name to Timed Consequences section of the B.R.Board ie
  • Add a 5 minute consequence for each time he shouts out, up to a 15 minutes maximum
  • Remind Troy, quietly, that he has a 15 minute Timed Consequence at present
  • “Troy, I would like you to make things better by making the right choices.”

If he does not respond, de-personalise communication with Troy. Quote class rule

  • “The school rule is ‘We do not shout at adults’.”
  • Use the Broken Record technique
  • “Sit down and calm down.Thank you.” Repeat as necessary 3 or 4 times

If the challenging behaviour continues

  • Walk away, without comment and add name to the School Sanctions section of the B. R. Board
  • State : “You can still make the right choices Troy. An apology would be most acceptable!”
  • Continue to search for the slightest improvement and encourage positives
  • Continue to quote the specific rule broken. “You need to work quietly.”
  • Remind him, “You need to think about making the right choices Troy.”
  • Be consistent, persistent and increase the consequences

Give final warning:

  • State “This is your final warning Troy.”
  • “You either settle within 5 minutes or you can explain your behaviour to A.N.Other.”
  • Remember, shouting must be an absolute last resort and only has any positive impact if used very occasionally or in the most serious situation
  • Send for Form Tutor or Senior Teacher for assistance. This strategy will allow you to continue teaching
  • Apply either a 15 minute consequence or the agreed School Sanction and inform parents
  • Initiate pupil interview with Form Tutor and repair the relationship