Case studies: Medium level behaviours

Module 6

Classroom management

Improving the behaviour of the most troublesome pupils is made more likely by

  • Giving plenty of encouragement and showing enthusiasm for your teaching
  • Preparing stimulating classwork and incorporating a variety of practical activities
  • Using a variety of teaching styles. Do not dwell on the same task for a long time
  • Setting realistic and high expectations in your teaching and learning outcomes
  • Planning lessons that take account of pupils’ individual learning and special needs
  • Using a variety of learning and practical based activities
  • Ensuring support for the basics of reading, writing comprehension and communication skills needed to complete tasks
  • Developing small chunks of work that are quick to complete and promote improved concentration
  • Using interesting age-appropriate and age-related materials
  • Promoting the use of ICT related tasks and activities
  • Promoting the use of interactive research and learning skills
  • Using activities that develop social skills
  • Being consistent and fair in applying your behaviour and discipline plan
  • Setting clearly defined limits to behaviour in your classroom
  • Rewarding good quality work and improving and recovering behaviour
  • Building positive relationships with parents. Keep them informed. Seek their advice as well