Case studies: Low level behaviours

Bobby Jo makes inappropriate remarks

Module 5

Sharpening your skills

Bobby Jo’s shouting can cause the noise level of the whole class to increases. You will need to

  • Be takes time to change behaviour that has become a habit
  • Arrange Teacher Pupil Interview with Bobby Jo before next lesson
  • Use this opportunity to explain your concerns and the importance of being co-operative with others
  • Explain that other children want to work in a quiet classroom
  • Emphasise that other people have feelings too
  • Review your seating plan. Sit Bobby Jo near to the teacher's desk or with the Teaching Assistant
  • Introduce the class to the Table Talk principle, where a voice should only be heard by pupils on table
  • Introduce a volume control dial, maybe a poster eg.
    0 = we are all working quietly.
    1 = table talk only.
    2 = question and answer/discussion.
    3 = too loud.
  • Introduce an individual points reward system. If Bobby Jo meets her tally of positives discuss a short term reward
  • Introduce a simple points reward system for the ‘quietest table’. Rewards can accumulate over the week
  • Praise Bobby Jo for being good so that she gets attention for appropriate behaviour

Introduce a Wave 3 strategy eg

  • Use a Behaviour Monitoring and Evaluation sheet to record the frequency of inappropriate behaviours
  • Identify the primary behaviour that is most cause for concern
  • Continue to pattern that behaviour eg. niggling and personal comments
  • Be aware of the potential for bullying

If concerns continue

  • Speak to Bobby Jo’s Form Tutor, your Mentor, or Team Leader
  • Consider involving parents. Get them on board
  • Consider using a Home-School Diary, if concerns continue

Click here for sample Behaviour Monitoring and here for Evaluation sheet (8.2) (8.8)