Case studies: Low level behaviours

Bobby Jo makes inappropriate remarks

Module 5

Classroom management

Try using some of these Wave 2: Early intervention strategies to pattern Bobby Jo’s behaviour

  • Give clear and direct instructions keeping your voice low
  • “Put your hand up if you need to ask a question about the work”
  • Reinforce your classroom rules and expectations
  • “I will choose Prince because he is waiting with his hand up. Thank you. Prince.”
  • Model the behaviour you want to see
  • Continue to make positive statements about working quietly with others
  • Use the Behaviour Recovery Board immediately Bobby Jo starts shouting out

Apply consequences rapidly for maximum effect
Add name to the early concerns section of the BRB

  • Remind Bobby Jo of the specific classroom rule. eg. “We talk quietly in class at all times.”
    “You need to consider others close to you.”

Add name to increasing concerns section of the BRB for shouting out or answering back

  • Explain that consequences will follow if her behaviour continues eg. “Remember that concerns will lead to consequences.”
    “No, Bobby Jo the rule is we do not answer back. Follow the rule. Thank you.” “Make the right choice. Thank you.”
  • Move In and Move Bobby Jo Away to work alongside a good role model
  • Move In and Move Away to a Quiet Chair, away from others

Add name to timed consequences section of the Behaviour Recovery Board, each time a class rule is broken

  • Add name + 5 minutes consequences up to a maximum of fifteen minutes
  • Apply a Time with Teacher consequence in free time
  • Discuss your concerns with Bobby Jo and get her to explain her behaviour