Case studies: Low level behaviours

Tyler is out of his seat wandering around

Module 5

Classroom management

Try using some of these Wave 2: Early Intervention strategies: Make your expectations clear to Tyler eg

  • “Tyler you have 1 minute to settle down to work.” “I need you to be seated at your desk within one minute.”
  • Use Move In strategies to check he has the necessary books and equipment
  • Confirm that he understands the task
  • Stay calm and qualify the rule that applies to all pupils

Use the Behaviour Recovery Board to record your concerns

  • Add Tyler’s name to Early Concerns section of the B.R.B. immediately he is ‘off task’ and wandering
  • “Tyler, you need to be sitting at your desk like other children. You need to settle to your work.”
  • “Tyler, remember that concerns will lead to consequences”

If he continues, add name to Increasing Concerns section of BRB If he continues,use your Teaching Assistant to work with him

  • Continue to reinforce the expectation and the classroom rules

If he does not settle, introduce Timed Consequences

  • Add name and give a 5 minute consequence for being out of seat and not keeping to the class rule
  • Increase Timed Consequences to 3 x 5 minutes maximum, as necessary

If necessary

  • Move In and Move Tyler Away to the Quiet Chair
  • “Tyler you can sit quietly and work at this desk for 10 minutes”
  • If he settles, offer a reward of returning to desk to be with friends
  • Otherwise, apply Time with Teacher, as a consequence, in his free time