Case studies: Low level behaviours

Skye hinders the work of others on her table

Module 5

Sharpening your skills

To re-direct the behaviour of pupils who are disturbing the learning of others consider

  • Whether Skye is finding the work too easy
  • If the friendship grouping is appropriate
  • Introducing set time limits for each task to be completed
  • Increasing the pace of the lesson, making it quicker and snappier
  • Using short term task challenges ie. targets for work completion within the lesson eg.
    “Skye this work will take 7 minutes, if you are on task” “I’ll be back in 5 minutes to check on your progress”
    “Skye this task needs to be finished within 10 minutes. I’ll check in 7 minutes”
  • Being even more specific. “I need to see your work in 5 minutes.” Then check
    Skye’s output
  • Using a new seating arrangement for next lesson, to redirect Skye’s attention to stay on task
  • Comparing the quality of work output with pupils of similar ability
  • Showing Skye the quality of other pupils work letting her know you are confident she can match or surpass that
  • Using a Quiet Zone desk for the start of next lesson or until work output improves
  • Continuing to reinforce the expectation that we all need a positive work ethic
  • Applying a School Sanction immediately there is any rude or antagonistic behaviour