Case studies: Low level behaviours

Skye hinders the work of others on her table

Module 5

The aims of this unit are:

  1. To promote values and expectations that all classwork is important.
  2. To ensure Skye takes responsibility for her own learning and behaviour.
  3. To use a range of Wave 2 strategies to re-focus attitudes towards learning.

Skye is sitting on her group table, with four friends. She has been well behaved throughout the introduction to the lesson and contributed well to the question and answer session, recapping on mapping skills. However, fifteen minutes into the lesson, she is aimlessly chatting away and producing little, if any, work.

With Skye off task, the pupils closest to her are also being distracted. The rest of the group are not able to perform as well as usual. You know that Skye is very capable of doing the mapping co-ordinates by herself.