Case studies: Low level behaviours

Shane is using distracting behaviours early in lesson

Module 5

The aims of this unit are:

  1. To introduce and build a set of simple routines into Shane’s working day.
  2. To highlight and use some Wave 2 strategies that can help to manage a range of distractive behaviours.
  3. To ensure that lessons are not interrupted and that other pupils’learning is not affected by Shane’s ‘hyped up’behaviour.

Shane arrived at the lesson in a lively mood. He was agitated and wouldn’t wait to line up quietly in the corridor. He was noisy as the class entered the room. As the lesson started, Shane continued to be restless, rocking on his chair, knocking the work table with his knees and irritating others.

Five minutes into lesson, pupils near him were starting to get frustrated. Shane’s behaviour has the potential to disrupt the learning and behaviour of those around him.