Case studies: Low level behaviours

Wayne is avoiding doing work in class

Module 5

Sharpening your skills

Wayne said he didn’t like the work. How can I avoid this happening again

  • That all children have their own aptitudes and learn in different ways
  • That pupils respond in different ways to specific styles of teaching
  • That some inappropriate classroom behaviours are a result of poor lesson planning, where there is too much chalk and talk
  • That your teaching and lesson plans need to include a variety of teaching styles and presentations eg. visual, auditory and kinaesthetic skills
  • To offer work that is carefully differentiated to cater for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
  • To check that the classroom task is building on Wayne’s existing skills
  • To consider if Wayne is academically capable of doing the task independently
  • To consider if this is an isolated issue? Is Wayne upset about something at school or home?
  • To offer him the opportunity to explain his ‘off task’behaviour
  • To set a 5 minute timer for Wayne to get on task eg. “You can do this Wayne”
    “Make the right choice to do as much work as you can from now”
  • To make sure Wayne is working with children who are on good role models
  • To encourage a ‘Buddy’ to work alongside Wayne to explain what or how to do the task
  • That timed consequences need to be worked off, without compromise
  • To seek support from your Form Tutor or Team Leader during the early stages of your behaviour management training