Case studies: Low level behaviours

Wayne is avoiding doing work in class

Module 5

Classroom management

Try using Wave 2: Early intervention strategies to get Wayne back on task

Use Move In strategies, as and when appropriate

  • Have a quiet word with Wayne to see if he understands the task
  • Offer help to get him started and then move away to observe
  • Return to his desk and talk to him quietly
  • “If you do your work Wayne, you are making the right choice.” Observe his reaction

If ‘off task’behaviour continues

  • Add Wayne’s name to the Early Concerns section of your Behaviour Recovery Board
  • State your expectation eg.” When I come back in 5 minutes you will have made a start”
  • If after 5 minutes thinking time, or Take Up Time, Wayne is still choosing to stay ‘off task’
  • Give him a reminder about the choices available. “If you choose not to work, you are choosing consequences”
  • Use Positive Language, at all times, to emphasise the classroom rule
  • “The rule is we all try to finish our work”
  • Add name to Increasing Concerns of the B.R.Board if the ‘off task’behaviour continues

Use the Timed Consequence strategies eg

  • “You are choosing not to work. I am now giving you a 5 minute consequence”
  • Add name + 5 minutes to Behaviour Recovery Board
  • “If you choose not to do the work, then you are choosing to do your work at dinner time”
  • Recognise positives and praise Wayne immediately he starts to work
  • Otherwise repeat the Timed Consequences up to 3 x 5 minutes maximum
  • Remind Wayne that there is an option.”You can recover your attitude, do your work, improve your behaviour”
  • “Timed Consequences can be worked off by showing hard work before this lesson ends”
  • Use praise when he starts to comply. Erase 5 minutes from the B.R.B. as part of your reward system

If ‘off task’ behaviour continues

  • Move In and Move Pupil Away to Quiet Chair away from others for 10 minutes and observe
  • If settled and compliant, reinforce positive behaviour with a reward ie. erase another 5 minutes from BRB
  • Emphasise to Wayne that the next consequence will be Time with Teacher at break time
  • Apply the 15 minutes of Timed Consequence in free time to complete the task
  • Insist on this consequence being completed in full, preferably on the same day

Initiate Time with Teacher during Wayne’s free time

  • Do not accept a return to work within 5 minutes of playtime
  • Seek help if there is a problem