Case studies: Low level behaviours

Module 5

Classroom management

The case studies in this module are designed to help you understand how

  • To promote positive behaviour management skills in the classroom
  • To manage pupils consistently using age-appropriate language and age-specific rewards and consequences
  • To support pupils with learning and behaviour difficulties
  • To appreciate and understand the behavioural needs of pupils within their classes
  • To reflect upon the incident and then choose a new strategy, ready for the next time

Remember that the important principles throughout the whole process are

  • The child remains central to the whole learning process
  • The child’s self esteem should never be compromised
  • That the behavioural concern should never damage the working relationship between pupil and teacher
  • You will need to teach some children how to behave appropriately
  • Some strategies and consequences will work better with certain children
  • You need to get to know your children. What makes them tick?
  • You will need to find the right balance between managing classroom behaviour and building trust and respect into relationships within the classroom
  • It really does take time, lots of energy and endless patience!