Know your behaviour strategies

What Wave 3 strategies can I use?

Module 4

Sharpening your skills

To stay in control, manage these ‘medium level’ behaviours successfully and not increase the inevitable stresses of dealing with inappropriate, particularly challenging, behaviour

  • Be confident in using the Wave 1 and Wave 2 strategies on a lesson by lesson basis
  • Use the Wave 3 strategies wisely
  • Know them inside out and know when to apply them constructively and sensitively
  • Be prepared to work hard to communicate your rules and routines to your class throughout the day
  • Adopt a more strategic and clinical approach when applying classroom consequences to individual pupils remember these pupils need consistency even more than the majority
  • Give the pupils an opportunity to recover their behaviour
  • Avoid confrontation remember ‘fire’ is dowsed by water and not more fire
  • Learn to defuse situations. Do not back kids in to a corner
  • Decide on a facing saving, escape strategy where the child can go to calm down
  • Be more assertive in applying your classroom rules and expectations
  • Use a recording and monitoring system for use in your classroom
  • Be prepared to counsel and keep pupils behind after lessons, in their free time
  • Explain your expectations and how the system is going to work
  • Be prepared to work hard to build good relationships with pupils, who display increasingly disruptive behaviour patterns
  • Be prepared to seek out help and assistance from more experienced colleagues with whom you can share your concerns. They will understand especially where you have evidence of having applied a range of strategies consistently and fairly

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