Know your behaviour strategies

What Wave 3 strategies can I use?

Module 4

Classroom management

If previous skills and strategies have not had the desired effect, the following Wave 3: Specific 1 to 1: Zero Tolerance strategies can be used selectively. The likelihood of success is increased by knowing your pupils and meeting their needs

Introduce and apply quick fire consequences eg

  • Move rapidly through the Wave 2 strategies for persistent, non-conforming behaviour Use the structure of the Behaviour Recovery Board as recommended

De-personalise communication eg. “The rule is ‘we stand behind our chair before going out to break’.”

  • Be clear that there is no negotiation
  • Introduce and integrate Strap Lines eg.
    “Care, courtesy and consideration for others is important” “Remember that concerns will lead to consequences”
  • Introduce the Broken Record technique eg. use one short, repetitive statement to a pupil who does not conform.
    “Sit down Shane. Sit down. Sit down. Thank you.”
  • Using the Broken Record technique helps you to quietly detach yourself

Introduce and build in strategies to calm and defuse situations

  • Build in short rest period following sustained effort and concentration
  • Introduce and build in Time to Recover strategies eg.
    “I am giving you 5 minutes to think what you should be doing. Thank you.” Set a 5 minute sand timer
  • Introduce a Time Out Card to go to a safe place

Use a teacher and pupil interview (with support)
Introduce a behaviour target card for a specific pupil in class
Introduce a daily ‘lesson by lesson’ report card eg

  • Pupil reports to a Senior Teacher at break times or dinner times. This will make the pupil more accountable
  • Build in positive notes home eg. writing in pupil’s weekly diary or school planner

Introduce and build in your school sanctions which may include

  • After School Detention; supervised time with a Senior Teacher
  • Initiate teacher/parent interview; withdrawal of privileges; time away from class; time away in learning support unit etc
    Use the ‘help me’ strategy if you need immediate assistance eg
  • Send a pre-arranged signal eg. a red biro or red note book or red disc to a senior member of staff, who will provide the necessary support
  • It’s OK to allow your colleague to resolve the behavioural issue, so that you can continue teaching