Know your behaviour strategies

What Wave 3 strategies can I use?

Module 4

The aims of this module are:

  1. To introduce a set of Wave 3 Specific 1 to 1: Zero Tolerance strategies for use in your classroom.
  2. To help you understand and start to manage, with increasing confidence, some of the more challenging and
    ‘in your face’ behaviours.
  3. To help you manage pupils’ behaviour to the point where pupils start to recover their attitude in the lesson.

Behaviours which give cause for concern can be managed by most teachers. But to be successful, there must be a sustained commitment, by all teachers, to adopt a very clear, firm and consistent approach within classrooms and across the school.

Clearly, if a school is pro-active and has a well defined behaviour policy, which is consistently applied by all, the strategies for managing and improving behaviour in the classroom will be much easier to achieve. As the level of concern, regarding behaviour issues increases, management strategies should be tightened and consequences and School Sanctions swiftly employed.

The Wave 3 strategies introduced in this module are moving towards a Zero Tolerance policy.