Know your behaviour strategies

What ‘medium level’ behaviours will I need to deal with?

Module 4

The aims of this module are:

  1. To help you stay in control of your classroom.
  2. To help foster and promote positive values with certain individuals, whilst establishing and maintaining a purposeful learning environment.
  3. To underline the importance of a quiet, sensitive approach to resolving conflicts and individual problems, thus protecting the pupils’ self esteem.

As well as identifying the ‘low level’ behaviours (Levels 1 to 3), Ofsted, in its Annual Report in 2005, commented on a range of slightly more contentious classroom behaviours.

These ‘medium level’ behaviours (Levels 4 to 6), highlighted in this unit, lead to the ignoring of simple, yet vital classroom rules. They give rise to increasing concerns because they challenge authority, they can escalate rapidly and frequently interrupt the learning of other pupils.