Know your behaviour strategies

What Wave 2 strategies can I use?

Module 4

Sharpening your skills

To become more confident in dealing with individual pupils you will need to

  • Use age and ability-appropriate language, ie. words and instructions that pupils understand
  • Avoid talking down to them
  • Get to know your children, especially those with special educational needs
  • Plan individual behaviour strategies in advance
  • Apply behaviour management strategies which are simple and effective to use
  • Give pupils the opportunity to recover their behaviour and attitude, at any time during the cycle of consequences
  • Never give ultimatums/threaten consequences that you could/do not wish to enforce

Extend your behaviour management toolkit by

  • Seeking advice and help should you need to remember that the inappropriate behaviour of a minority is not (usually) restricted to your classroom
  • Being honest, professional and develop the confidence to share your concerns
  • Observing experienced teachers in action in particular how they manage difficult pupils in the classroom and around school
  • Listening to how they deal with pupils in a 1 to 1 interview
  • Treat your school placement and early teaching experiences as a ‘learning curve’ for your professional development