Know your behaviour strategies

What ‘low level’ disruption will I have to deal

Module 4

Sharpening your skills

To re-direct the inappropriate behaviours of the minority of pupils you need to

  • Act positively
  • Reflect upon the issue of concern, observe patterns of behaviour (eg gender- related)
  • Identify the ‘trigger point’ of the incident
  • Re-direct the pupils behaviour as a top priority
  • Plan a series of behaviour strategies for next lesson
  • Recognise that each pupil is unique and each will respond to different things in different ways but also address patterns of inappropriate behaviour amongst groups and explain how these are disadvantaging their learning/achievements
  • Show an ‘air of confidence’, by ignoring some attention seeking behaviours
  • Focus on the good behaviours and well behaved children. Praise the wanted behaviour
  • Identify pupils who are responding appropriately to instructions ie. catch them being good
  • Reinforce this behaviour through positive feedback
  • Understand that you will be able manage these behaviours, over time, by using recognised skills and strategies commonly practised in classrooms today