Know your behaviour strategies

What ‘low level’ disruption will I have to deal

Module 4

Classroom management

‘Low level’ discipline problems observed in many classrooms which can have an accumulative and detrimental effect if not prevented include

The Elton Report, ‘Discipline in Schools’, (DES.1989) identified

  • Talking out of turn
  • Avoiding doing the work
  • Hindering the work of others
  • Making inappropriate remarks
  • Being rowdy and distracting others
  • Leaving seat without permission

The Annual Report of HMI (DfES/Ofsted 2005) identified

  • Incessant chatter
  • Calling out
  • Inattention
  • Other forms of nuisance that irritate staff
  • Other forms of nuisance that interrupt learning

The Interactive Guide to Behaviour Management provides detailed case studies in Module 5 to highlight key strategies which can be used positively with pupils who display these behaviours