Know your behaviour strategies

Module 4

Classroom management

To improve the climate of your classroom you should endeavour to

  • Plan activities that allow pupils to experience success in every lesson
  • Reward positive attitudes, work ethic and those pupils who model appropriate behaviour
  • Encourage a balance between rights and responsibilities
  • Reinforce the message that everyone is responsible for their own behaviour
  • Use behaviour management strategies which guide each pupil to make appropriate choices
  • Give pupils a sense of ownership of the classroom rules by listening to feedback about what they think makes the classroom an effective learning environment
  • Be clear and explain to pupils what constitutes inappropriate behaviour
  • Aim to turn around inappropriate behaviours.
  • Give pupils time to recover their behaviour (within a specified amount of time eg. 5 mins)
  • Give pupils the opportunity to learn how to self manage their emotions, relationships and behaviour
  • Aim to raise self-esteem