Managing lessons on a daily basis

How do I manage the rest of the lesson?

Module 3

Sharpening your skills

As a newly qualified or trainee teacher you will need to

  • Read and analyse the school behaviour policy
  • Know your school reward system
  • Know how School Sanctions are applied and who monitors the process in school
  • Know the procedures for formalising a School Sanction. Liaise with a Senior Teacher
  • Identify a range of classroom consequences and decide how they will work in practice
  • Choose 3 or 4 different strategies, that you can use before applying School Sanctions
  • Do not expect to use and apply every strategy listed, in your first lesson
  • Be selective and be alert to what works and what doesn’t
  • Choose strategies wisely and build them in to your behaviour management toolkit lesson by lesson
  • Share your ideas and concerns with your Form Tutor/School Mentor
  • Be a ‘team player’ and make sure you adopt and use the school strategies
  • Apply a consistent approach to giving consequences and sanctions
  • Decide on the kind of rewards that are to be used in your classroom, for pupils who consistently show positive behaviours
  • Decide on the list of consequences, that are going to be applied in your class for inappropriate behaviours
  • Plan how will you introduce your behaviour strategy from lesson 1
  • Apply your behaviour strategy consistently every lesson