Managing lessons on a daily basis

How do I manage the rest of the lesson?

Module 3

Classroom management

Try some of the following Wave 1: Whole Class behaviour management strategies to keep the teaching and learning momentum going throughout the lesson

Try ‘Move In’ strategies

  • Move In and hover near to pupils who are not yet on task
  • Move In and have quiet, firm encouraging word
  • Move In and give a specific instruction, followed by a choice statement
  • Move In and Move pupil Away to work by himself

Positively framed reminders, followed by a choice eg

  • “Skye you need to concentrate and work quietly please, otherwise you are choosing to be moved to work by yourself”

Sift and Separate Out strategies

  • Intervene earlier, rather than later, to prevent unwelcome cliques from developing strong bonds
  • Identify and monitor 2 or 3 pupils who show cause for concern and who are not co-operating
  • Separate 1 or 2 pupils to new seats in class, if necessary. Be decisive, firm but fair

Strap Lines to reinforce specific rules and routines

  • “Everyone has the right to learn”

Using your teaching assistant for support

  • Share your Sifting Out strategy eg. first pupil to stay close to teacher, second pupil stays with Teaching Assistant

Make references to your classroom consequences

  • Our negotiated and agreed classroom rules and routines
  • Verbally remind pupils of the agreed rules
  • Develop, over time, non-verbal communications, such as pointing to the rule/s to reinforce your expectations
  • Give pupils a clear reminder to be seen as a First Warning eg. “Troy, We need to talk quietly in class.Thank you”
    “You can always make the right choice and to recover your behaviour”
  • Give the opportunity for reflection, as a first consequence, eg
    “Remember what happens when”