Managing lessons on a daily basis

How do I manage the rest of the lesson?

Module 3

The aims of this unit are:

  1. To help you structure your classroom discipline approaches, so that you can anticipate and manage pupils’ behaviour constructively.
  2. To introduce a set of Wave 1 : Whole Class strategies which will help to minimise minor disruption yet maintain the pace of the lesson.
  3. To introduce the concept of S.M.A.R.T. strategic thinking.

The class has arrived and settled down to the Starter Activity. The first 5 minutes of the lesson has been managed successfully but now you want pupils to listen, to discuss and probably move from their desks. Then there is the clearing up at the end of the lesson. There is plenty of potential for disruption.

How well the pupils manage the different activities depends on how well you have prepared them for the different eventualities. This unit offers a range of simple but effective behaviour management strategies to help maintain the balance of teaching, learning and behaviour throughout the lesson.