Managing lessons on a daily basis

The first and last five minutes of a lesson

Module 3

Sharpening your skills

To reinforce your expectations

  • Decide how you are going to bring a sense of order and calm to the classroom
  • Know that your body language will give important messages
  • Be specific and adopt a variety of non-verbal gestures eg. “Hand up means we are ready and we are listening”
  • Use clear and crisp verbal instructions to the class eg. “Look at the clock, look at me and listen”
  • Routinely, stand in same place to start your lesson and observe behaviours, whilst waiting
  • Ensure that all books, work tasks and equipment are immediately available
  • Decide on your monitors to distribute books etc
  • Think carefully about using more challenging or stimulating starter activities
  • Focus on those children who are looking and listening, praise accordingly
  • Be prepared to settle or bring back to task those who are not listening, distracting others or those out of their seats
  • Decide which classroom consequences need to be introduced for certain pupils, who do not conform