Managing lessons on a daily basis

The first and last five minutes of a lesson

Module 3

Classroom management

Consider using these Wave 1: Whole Class behaviour management strategies to achieve a successful start and end to your lessons

In the first 5 minutes

  • Give a 1 minute count down for pupils to be ready
  • Praise and name one or two pupils that are on task
  • Praise pupils who are ready and listening to the teacher
  • Start to teach the positive classroom rules
  • Praise pupils who appear to be making the right choices
  • Praise and name pupils who show positive classroom behaviours
  • Give reminders and allow pupils the opportunity to show that they can conform
  • Praise pupils as, and when, they recover their behaviour
  • Start to monitor specific pupils and mention your concerns using positive language

Closing the lesson down

  • Organise a specific team of helpers to tidy away. Change the groups around at intervals
  • Decide where you will stand to dismiss the group
  • Distribute achievement stamps or stickers for improved classwork
  • Distribute appropriate stickers or stamps for improved behaviour in lesson
  • Decide how the group will leave your classroom
  • Avoid a noisy free for all departure
  • Dismiss pupils on a given signal or school bell
  • Allowing the quietest table leaving first, followed by other quiet tables
  • Keep back any pupil who has been given consequences through the lesson