Managing lessons on a daily basis

The first and last five minutes of a lesson

Module 3

The aims of this unit are:

  1. To extend the concept of Wave 1: Whole Class behaviour management strategies.
  2. To help you influence pupil behaviour in the crucial first and last 5 minutes of a lesson.
  3. To help pupils understand that actions have consequences.

The first 5 minutes can make or break any lesson. Some teaching groups, and certain individuals, always arrive in high spirits. Social conversation is more important to them, than what you have to say.

This energy has to be re-directed, so that all pupils can listen attentively and focus on their learning. The start of the lesson needs to be managed with a sense of purpose, especially at specific times of the day. The end of break times and the first lesson of the afternoon can be stressful times for even the most experienced teachers.

Equally the last 5 minutes of a lesson needs to be structured carefully, to avoid a free for all.