Managing lessons on a daily basis

Be prepared! As the pupils arrive

Module 3

Sharpening your skills

To reinforce your expectations

  • Give out the right messages set a positive example
  • Be punctual to the lesson. This has to be a top priority
  • Stay with your classes. Do not leave them unattended
  • Move pupils on to their next lesson and away from your door
  • Observe your class arriving down the corridor, up the stairs from the playground/breaks etc
  • Be alert and observant
  • Intervene early when pupils behave inappropriately
  • Be prepared to analyse the situation which leads up to a behavioural issue or concern
  • Be pro-active and monitor pupils
  • Be prepared to solve problems or issues of conflict
  • Encourage all adults, who work with you, to do the same
  • Learn from your successful behaviour management strategies and be prepared to discuss problems with colleagues