Managing lessons on a daily basis

Be prepared! As the pupils arrive

Module 3

Classroom management

As your class arrives, use someof these Wave 1: Whole Class behaviour management strategies

Whole class focus

  • Meet and Greet pupils at door or in corridor
  • Make a first positive contact
  • Make verbal/non verbal contact with pupils. Thumbs up for positive arrival
  • Make a point of speaking to individuals. Be polite, courteous but not ‘matey matey’
  • Try smiling and humour them
  • Have a Starter Activity on desks as pupils arrive
  • The majority of pupils will comply once the work ethic is established
  • Enter your classroom when the majority of pupils have arrived
  • Scan the classroom, making encouraging remarks and giving positive comments
  • Praise the pupils who are showing positive behaviours

Individual focus

  • Give some pupils tasks to do immediately eg. Distributing worksheets and books to re-direct their behaviour
  • Sift Out boisterous pupil behaviours
  • Pupils who are lively can wait briefly with you to calm down
  • “Sit here to show me that you are ready! You can join your table when you are calm”
  • Remind all pupils it is their responsibility to sit quietly and get organised