Managing lessons on a daily basis

Module 3

The aims of this module are:

  1. To help you develop  and implement a series  of strategies which allow you to manage pupil behaviour consistently.
  2. To help you understand the importance of developing a personal classroom discipline policy.
  3. To introduce the concept of strategic behaviour planning for specific stages of a lesson.

School context

Your ability to control your class depends on the quality of your relationship with them. The majority of pupils in a class respond positively to the expectations communicated by the teacher. 10 to 15% of pupils need  more specific interventions to keep them on task and remember classroom rules. Too much talking or too many strategies is not effective. Thinking S.M.A.R.T. is recommended

  • Specific and systematic
  • Measured
  • Articulate and astute (allowing you to)
  • Repair the relationship (and use)
  • Tried and tested strategies