Classroom Organisation

Managing and building good relationships in class

Module 2

Sharpening your skills

To maintain  good relationships with pupils

  • Show an air of confidence  and smile during the Autumn term
  • Be firm but fair
  • Use humour, as and when appropriate
  • Recognise  the importance of fostering each pupil’s self esteem and well being
  • Be prepared to take an active interest in pupils. Get to know how they tick!
  • Be prepared to listen to children who are upset, angry or anxious
  • Build relationships based on trust and mutual respect for each other
  • Be assertive but not aggressive
  • Do not react immediately but stay calm
  • Spend time analysing problems
  • Establish the facts in a matter of fact way
  • Do not get embroiled in a argument
  • Make a judgement only when certain of the facts
  • Comment on the inappropriate behaviour and not the pupil
  • Do not make  inappropriate behaviour a personal issue
  • Apply consequences, consistently and fairly, to the right individual
  • Apply consequences, preferably, on the same day
  • Be bold enough to apologise, if a wrong judgement is made
  • Don’t hold grudges but repair the relationship
  • Create a fresh start for the next lesson


  • Do not be reluctant to have a professional discussion with other teachers about how they deal with certain kinds of inappropriate behaviour, particularly difficult pupils or if certain rewards/consequences seem to be ineffective. What do they do? How do they interest them in learning? What could you try that is different?